Which prospective tenants is Zeitwohnen Hannover arranging?

We mediate private individuals and companies who come to Hanover for professional reasons and need temporary furnished accommodation. These can be apprentices, interns and students, as well as trainees, software consultants, commercial employees, visiting professors, artists, company employees with a project-related stay, etc.

Average age of interested parties: 20 - 50 years.

Average rental periods: from 2 months to 24 months.


What does this service cost?

We only receive an agency fee when a rental contract is concluded. Zeitwohnen Hannover grants a voluntary staggering of the total commission in the sense of an advance payment, depending on the rental period, according to the following table:

Rental period in months up to 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Max.
Retail prices Agency fees in% of one month's rent incl. 19% VAT 30% 45% 60% 75% 90% 105% 120% 135% 150% 150%

The maximum commission is reached with a rental period of 10 months.

By the way: The marketing costs, which we only charge you if the placement is successful, are fully tax deductible as income-related expenses.


What are the average prices for furnished apartments and rooms?

The prices quoted are average rental prices including additional costs per month ("warm rent").

Rooms: from 350,-

1 room apartments: from approx. 600, -

2 room apartments: from approx. 950, -

3 room apartments: from approx. 1000, -

The rental prices can vary greatly depending on the equipment, size and location. In individual cases, of course, an individual assessment is required on our part.


How are the ancillary costs?

In the case of a rental for less than a year, we recommend a lump sum for the ancillary costs, since the exact data can only be determined with the additional administrative effort of an interim reading when renting for less than 12 months.

If the energy costs (electricity and heating, possibly water) are mainly billed via the respective energy carrier, an exact billing of the costs is possible here, since the registration with the energy carriers is made by the tenant.


Who concludes the rental agreement?

The rental contract partners are always tenants and landlords.

As a rule, Zeitwohnen Hannover prepares individual rental contract drafts that are ready to be signed for the benefit of both tenants.


How do you register an apartment with Zeitwohnen Hannover?

You can register your apartment data in person, by telephone or online via our website. After the initial information, we will promptly arrange a viewing appointment with you so that we can get to know your apartment better.

At this appointment, we will also take photos of your property in order to professionally process your offer and market it in a contemporary way.


Can you also sublet an apartment as a tenant?

Yes it is allowed Indeed written approval from the landlord is required in advance.


Which apartments have a good chance of being successful?

Two important criteria determine the success of renting out a furnished apartment: location and Furnishing.

Location: Apartments in central inner-city locations / popular districts with an attractive environment (restaurants, cafes) and good connections to local public transport (bus and train) are often desired by interested parties and are better rented out than, for example, apartments in the region (district) or on the outskirts.

Equipment: The future tenant will have a fully furnished apartment as well complete equipment to appreciate, this includes, for example, household items, dishes, kitchen utensils, a basic set of bed linen and towels, etc.

The furnishing should contemporary, modern and as good as new and correspond to the rental price. A TV set is not a new technical achievement, but a standard. Washing machine, microwave, hi-fi, DVD / video, telephone and internet are very popular and should at least be standard for apartments in the upper price segment.

Overall, the apartments should be in a clean and tidy condition; the renovations and modernizations should have been carried out regularly. That should not only include cosmetic repairs but also, for example, modernizing the bathroom, heating, etc. Homely accessories underline a cozy atmosphere and increase the attractiveness of the property.

Apartments with discarded, older, thrown together pieces of furniture are becoming increasingly difficult to rent and only at significant price discounts.

So-called trade fair apartments with a higher number of beds than rooms have relatively little success outside of trade fair times.

Zeitwohnen Hannover will reject apartments that are in need of renovation and / or damaged, soiled furniture.

At the end...

A furnished apartment should be clean, tidy, functional and contemporary. Luxury apartments are just as little wanted and expected as apartments of a very low standard.


Does Zeitwohnen Hannover also offer additional services?

Yes for example:

- Manage your property when you are not there.

- Viewing service, with you or without you.

- Craftsman service, mediation and coordination of electricians, painters, plumbers or just someone who hangs up a picture.

- Cleaning service: arranging and coordinating final and maintenance cleaning.

- Free initial legal advice for existing providers / landlords by a specialist lawyer for tenancy law.