Your shared accommodation in Hanover

Do you have to commute frequently or are you looking for a cheap apartment for an event? You don't want to forego any of the usual amenities, but still have a private environment and not a hotel room? Then our offer is exactly the right solution for you! With us you get high quality temporary living space.

What is a roommate agency?

The term “Mitwohnzentrale” originated in the 1980s when the demand for furnished apartments rose sharply. Due to increased business trips, probationary periods, commuter jobs and co. Above all, many working people needed accommodation for several weeks or even months. For these periods of time, hotel rooms are a high cost factor, which is reduced by renting furnished rooms - usually for "sharing" in shared apartments or granny apartments.

Over the years, the principle of sharing has changed: Instead of makeshift guest rooms, we offer fully furnished apartments and flats with their own entrance, kitchen, bathroom, cleaning service and more. The term “Mitwohnzentrale” continues to be used as an agency for temporary furnished accommodation.

Which apartments does a Mitwohnzentrale offer?

Our properties are fully furnished, sometimes even ready to move in only with a suitcase (with cutlery) in Hanover. Depending on your needs, extras such as a work station with WiFi, washing machine / dryer, balcony / terrace, elevator, parking space, cleaning or laundry service are included. The apartments can be rented for a period of several weeks - months or years. So these are not holiday apartments for renting out on a daily basis.

You get your temporary apartment clean and tidy and immediately enjoy all the comfort of a personal retreat with an individual touch.

High quality living space in every location in Hanover

We offer you a range of different apartments, houses, apartments and rooms on a temporary basis. You have the free choice and can rely on the fact that we place the highest value on quality for you - the objects are checked and verified by us. Whether in the Hanover city center, near the center or rather in a quiet location in the outskirts with a good connection to the transport network: with us you are sure to find what you are looking for.

If you cannot find a suitable offer, please contact us for individual advice. With our many years of experience, we are able to find a suitable solution for almost every problem.

We're looking forward on your request!