Landlord information: The advantages of furnished rental in Hanover

The freedom to rent out your apartment flexibly

Of course, as a homeowner, you want your apartments, granny apartments or the free room to be rented well in the long term. At the same time, you don't want to lose direct access to your property, for example because you want to sell your apartment building at short notice or your daughter wants to move into one of your apartments while studying. The advantage of temporary tenants is that you keep the strings in your hand, you can reschedule at any time and expect a good return in the long term.

Financially more independent by subletting your apartment

Perhaps you have also asked yourself why you are paying rent for an apartment that you may not be using for months because, for example, you are abroad a lot for work. But give up your own four walls straight away and then start looking again? Better to keep the apartment and sublet it! From a financial point of view, a serious sub-contractor would be just right for a limited period of time. You avoid double rental costs or you can top up your holiday budget.

Your advantages as a landlord

- You determine the rental period and the rental price
- You decide who should be your tenant

Our Service

- Pre-selection of your tenant according to your specifications
- Use of the latest computer technology
- Free legally verified rental contracts
- Short-term replacement service

We put your apartment in good hands

Our customers mainly include companies, agencies and law firms looking for suitable living space for their employees in Hanover. It is best to simply describe your rental property in terms of size, equipment, location, etc.

The more detailed the information, the better we can find and suggest suitable tenants - taking into account your special wishes. We always clarify the essential criteria, seriousness and solvency, with the apartment hunter in advance and make a pre-selection in order to make life as a landlord easier for you.