ZEITWOHNEN HANNOVER - Terms and Conditions for Tenants

General terms and conditions for rent seekers

The rent seekers are hereinafter referred to as tenants. The Zeitwohnen Hannover agency, owner Thomas Kühn, Berliner Allee 66, 30175 Hannover, is referred to below as Zeitwohnen Hannover.

1. Brokerage free of commission for tenants

The mediation of a furnished apartment or a furnished house by Zeitwohnen Hannover is free of commission for the tenant according to §2, paragraph 1a of the Housing Agency Act.

2. Rental offers

The tenant receives rental offers from Zeitwohnen Hannover, by telephone or in text form (email or fax). If the tenant is already familiar with an offered property, Zeitwohnen Hannover must be informed of this immediately and proof of this must be provided upon request.

3. Prohibition of passing on rental offers to third parties

The tenant may not pass on rental offers that he has received from Zeitwohnen Hannover to third parties. The rental offers are only intended for prospective tenants.

In the event of inadmissible transfer, the tenant is liable to Zeitwohnen Hannover for compensation (if Zeitwohnen Hannover can no longer successfully rent out the apartment offered to the renter due to the inadmissible transfer).

4. Zeitwohnen Hannover is not a party to the rental agreement

The tenant and the landlord are solely responsible for the obligations under the rental agreement; Zeitwohnen Hannover is not liable to any of the parties to the rental agreement for claims arising from the rental agreement.

5. The tenant's obligation to provide information

5.1 The tenant undertakes to truthfully complete the registration form for his apartment search on www.zeitwohnen-hannover.de.

5.2 If the tenant concludes a rental agreement orally or in writing for a rental property offered to him by Zeitwohnen Hannover, he must notify Zeitwohnen Hannover of this immediately, but no later than 24 hours, and send a copy of the contract upon request.

5.3 If the tenant extends the tenancy beyond the originally agreed period once or several times, he must inform Zeitwohnen Hannover of this immediately and in advance and send a copy of the contract on request.

6. Applicable law, place of jurisdiction

6.1 The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies to the order of the apartment seeker.

6.2 The exclusive place of jurisdiction is Hanover, provided that the tenant is a merchant or a legal entity under public law or a special fund under public law or is domiciled outside of Germany.


These general terms and conditions come into force on June 1st, 2015