Apartments zum Wohnen auf Zeit Hannover


We will make sure that nothing is missing

Usually it is our jobs that leads us to those unfamiliar cities. Sometimes it is for a longer period of time, other times we are required to travel back and forth over several weeks.

In either case, we are faced with the question: how can I quickly find an accommodation that meets the quality of living standard that I expect?

Often we are just left with the option of a hotel. Not necessarily a place with an abundance of comfort or quiet, not to mention the prices! As we all can imagine that means living out of a suitcase for a whole lot of money. Of course the little things are often missing, such as washing machine, television, your own telephone and living accessories as well as the possibility of having friends or colleagues come to visit.

Are you looking for accommodation?

The choice is yours: a house, an apartment, or a single room in a home; vintage or newly renovated; top or first floor; furnished or unfurnished; with a balcony or a yard, simple or luxurious; temporary or unlimited stay; to rent or to sublet- Zeitwohnen Hannover will quickly and inexpensively find you the right housing to fit your needs.

If you like, we also offer additional services including the organization of transport for your belongings or finding reasonably priced cleaning staff.

Your advantages as a tenant:

  • Wide selection of rental properties
  • Inexpensive rental fees
  • Individual, fast and inexpensive property search services

Our Services

  • We can assist you in multiple languages and use the most modern IT systems for rapid property searches
  • We are there to help with any question regarding contracts, including helping with free rental contracts which have been recommended by legal professionals to guarantee your security in acquiring and returning the rental property
  • We will take care of any organizational details you need for moving in (visitation of potential accommodations, cleaning and telephone services, etc.)

What do you have in mind?

Just download our Request for Accommodation and fill it out. Let us know your special requirements and fill in theappropriate information about yourself. We will then update you regularly (by phone or fax) regarding available matches. If you decide upon one of our proposed offers, we will contact the landlord and schedule a visit for you.

That sounds expensive…

But it’s not! All objects will be offered without commission for the tenant. Just ask for a list of our offers and find out for yourself!

What every tenant should know